Coming MONDAY: The New Cartoon Research Website

Later today I’ll be “launching” the new-look Cartoon Research blog at the address. All the posts and comments left here since February 12th will move over to the new site. Please bookmark the Cartoon Research URL – starting Monday you can discard this page. This URL, the page you are on now, will be purged sometime next week.

The “new” blog is NOT intended to be my version of any well-known animation news sites. It’s a continuation of the kind of postings I did on my original Cartoon Research website from 2000 through 2004. There will be a bit more emphasis on animation history, on cartoons I enjoy watching (new or old), and news about animators and animated films (past, present and future) that I think readers of the site will enjoy.

All the pages I maintained all these years from the old site will still be here (slightly reformatted and in some cases reedited): The Animated Movie Guide, the episode guide to Totally Tooned In, the Original Titles gallery and my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page – and others.

David Gerstein’s pages, which I’ve been hosting since 2008, will remain – and I’ll be posting new research and writing from noted cartoon historians Jim Korkis, Thad Komorowski, Keith Scott and others – not to mention exclusive, rare video goodies from Steve Stanchfield.

All in all, reading this site should be as much fun as watching cartoons themselves. Thank you all for hanging out over here the last week or so… Here’s a sneak-peek of the layout of the new home page (still a work-in-progress):


16 responses to “Coming MONDAY: The New Cartoon Research Website

  1. Looks promising! I’ve been a fan from your old Cartoon Research days – before the brew, and in fact before the logo w/ your ’30’s cartoon caricature-of-you on it. And I want to say: PLEASE keep that ’30’s-style caricature! It’s so cool and so cartoony. (I don’t see it on your sneak-peek image.)
    Thanks for all the research fun.

    • Thanks John. I’ll do my best to find a place for that Oscar Grillo caricature of me. He’s my “Alfred E. Neuman”, “Sylvester P. Smythe”, “Huckleberry Fink”-like mascot!

      The first week or two I’ll be tweaking the new site almost everyday, so be patient. He’ll be back.

  2. The new site looks great, Jerry! Looking forward to it. Glad to hear that all of the pages from the old site will still be around, and that the cartoon caricature of you will find his place on the new site.

    • Tommy Stathes is your one-stop shop for info on Silent Cartoons. That said, I’m sure CARTOON RESEARCH will do many posts on Silent Cartoons in the future…

      • I know that, Jerry. I would find it odd if Cartoon Research would never mention the wonderful things he is doing with Silent cartoons.

  3. So I’m guessing the new site’s debuting with a Foghorn Leghorn post? Or is that the last one for the temporary site?

    • There will be more than one post (I hope) each day. Not all of them historical. Yes, there will be a post about Foghorn – and much much more… Be patient!

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