Mel Shaw Memorial


The Walt Disney Studios will be hosting a memorial for the late Disney viz-dev artist Mel Shaw (1914-2012) next Tuesday at the Burbank lot. The Shaw and Lounsbery families will preside over the tribute event – titled The Colorful Life of Mel Shaw – at 7pm in the Main Theatre. Guest speakers will include many of Shaw’s co-workers and friends, much art will be displayed, refreshments will be served.

Disney communications VP Howard Green has given me 40 seats to disperse to my readers… the first 40 people (one ticket per), who know they can attend the event on Tuesday night – let me know in the Comments below and you will get one. (I will write you back to confirm).


23 responses to “Mel Shaw Memorial

  1. Mel Shaw left an invaluable handprint on the animated films that many of us grew up with. It would be a great honor to attend this tribute to celebrate the great Mel Shaw.

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