This Is The Temporary Cartoon Research Blog

You didn’t think I’d stop blogging, did you?

In a week or two I’ll be launching a new permanent blog over at Cartoon – and THIS is not it.

This temporary blog is just a life raft, a place to keep my posting juices flowing while I get things ready behind the scenes.

In addition to the new Cartoon Research blog, I’ve got plans for another website… but I’ll tell you about that later. First things first.

For the moment, I’ll use this basic WordPress blog to continue doing what I’ve been doing elsewhere. Check in with me everyday and I’ll have a few new things for you. I’ll keep you informed, enlightened – and hopefully entertained.

Thank you all for the outpouring of support – and for following me over here. I promise you won’t regret it. Consider yourself a charter member of my brand new super-secret cartoon club.

For animation-lovers only.

Just to get things started – and just for fun – here’s a rarely-seen 1938 Nicky Nome advertising short for Chevrolet.

I know it was produced by Jam Handy’s studio in Detroit, but I don’t know much more about its production. It’s so perfectly on the level of a Hollywood cartoon or the era, its hard to believe some of this wasn’t freelanced out to the East or West coast. Anyone know who directed this; or who animated on it?

Take a look:

15 responses to “This Is The Temporary Cartoon Research Blog

  1. I’m sorry to see you leave Cartoon Brew, as one of the things I loved most about that site was the differing perspectives you and Amid brought to it. I look forward to seeing where you go from here, and I guess I now have two animation sites to check daily.

  2. I used to check out cartoon research every day (before Cartoon Brew). I will start doing that again. I appreciate what you do for cartoon preservation and history. I can’t wait to read more here!

  3. I really enjoyed this commercial. Kinda strange the little girl was topless, though. But the characters were very cute!

  4. Jerry, best of luck on your new and re-animated ventures! I’m happy to see you’re not going away, just moving. I’ve already subscribed to your RSS feed so let us know when you’re switching over to your new domain. Looking forward to your continued writing.

  5. Hi Jerry,
    Glad I found your temporary blog, Cartoon brew will not be the same with out you. It is like Siskel leaving Ebert. Except that I looked for your viewpoint over your former partner’s. I have bookmarked this site and will follow you.
    It sounds like the Cartoon Brew is headed for big changes. There was little mention of what you were going to do in the press notice, not even a link yo this site.
    I have a feeling I will not be visiting the Brew so much now that you are gone. This will be my regular stop.

  6. Funny, I always though of Cartoon Brew more as your site – it certainly will not be the same without you. I don’t always see eye to eye with Amid’s sensibilities, and maybe that is the problem.

    Anyway look for traffic here to take off soon, cause here is where I will be. Best of luck!

  7. Glad to discover this! And looking forward to the launch of the website proper. This is the kinda stuff I’m most interested in… can’t work up much enthusiasm for student films and CGI. Congrats on the move!

  8. S’funny, but I always checked for your blog. Never looked at Cartoon Brew directly, so it’s fine with me. Thanks very much for sharing your plans with us… To me, you are THE. CARTOON. GOD. Good Luck! – Jim Roebuck

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